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Le Sucre Lab opens its first cafe in Alabang

Le Sucre Lab has been making Manila drool with its best-selling Dreamcake — which have been trademarked, mind — since 2017.

The delight-in-a-can concept was so simple that when Le Sucre Lab introduced it, it simply but completely blew minds away.


Le Sucre Lab's mindblowing and gamechanging Chocolate Dreamcake. Photo courtesy of Le Sucre Lab
Le Sucre Lab's mindblowing and gamechanging Chocolate Dreamcake. Photo courtesy of Le Sucre Lab


Since then, Le Sucre Lab has conservatively opened kiosks in a couple of Metro Manila malls but strangely, never a cafe. 

The hardworking Le Sucre Lab team is finally changing that on Friday, August 23, as it opens its first cafe in Alabang Town Center. 

The café interiors feature a bright and sophisticated look that's predominantly white with touches of bright orange, copper, and bronze. It has an accent wall sporting the same pattern as their signature cans.

It's a small cafe with a four-seater bar, where guests can wait for their delicious takeouts or sit down and enjoy ice cream and coffee — specials that are available only at the Alabang cafe.

“While we want our signature Dreamcakes to be the highlight of the store, we also want to serve Pinoy inspired soft serve, pastries and signature drinks to add variation to our menu,” chocolatier and chef behind Le Sucre Lab Marvin Bagube shared with GMA News Online.

In drumming up an impressive line-up of desserts, pasties, ice cream and drinks, Chef Marvin said developing beverage recipes was the most challenging part.

“We have to mix our own coffee blend from a local source. We did a lot of coffee and tablea tasting to the point of having tremors and palpitations,” he shared with a laugh.

There are two Pinoy-inspired soft served ice cream flavors: Pinipig Milk (toasted pinipig infused in a special milk blend) and Salted Leche Flan (creme anglaise soft serve with salted burnt arnibal sauce. "Guests should also try our Iced Mochamisu (classic mocha with coffee jelly and cheese foam) and our White Chocolate Matcha Latte for green tea lovers,” Chef Marvin added.

Here's an exclusive sneak peek of Le Sucre Lab's Alabang cafe:

— LA, GMA News

Le Sucre Lab, G/F, Alabang Town Center, Alabang-Zapote Road, Muntinlupa City. Facebook 

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