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This pizza delivery guy saves his tips to buy bread to give away to people on the streets

A pizza delivery guy has been saving the tips he receives from his job to buy bread which he would later give away to people he sees in the streets.

Raina Ominga, the owner of the San Juan bakery where the pizza guy buys bread, shared the story on her Facebook page on Easter Sunday.

The bakery owner said she noticed that the rider has been buying bulk assorted bread from their store the past few days.

When they asked if he buys in bulk to give it to his workmates, he said he was going to give it away to people in the streets.

"Sabi ni Kuya, lahat daw ng nakukuha niyang tip every time nagde-deliver siya, iniipon niya pambibili niya ng bread. Then pinapamigay niya sa mga taong nakikita niya sa kalsada along the way," Raina wrote the caption in her post.

In an interview with GMA News Online, Raina said this is the third day that the rider bought bread from their store.

She said the rider bought 50 pieces of three kinds of bread earlier today.

"We are stunned! And that, my friend, is how we encounter Christ this Easter Sunday. Glory to God in the Highest," Raina wrote in the caption. — Jannielyn Ann Bigtas/LA, GMA News