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How best to enjoy this honey-glazed ham, the most deserving star of your Noche Buena spread

Since Christmas 2014, Seda’s signature Honey-Glazed Ham has captured the attention, hearts and tummies of guests and customers alike. From the impressive visuals of the 1.1-kilogram ham, to the very tender meat, to its deliciousness, it's a complete sensory affair.

Available only from October to January, Seda's ham is made from organic pigs, seven months old or younger. It undergoes a week of curing and according to executive chef Romualdo Castillo, it's massaged every three hours to ensure the ingredients are evenly distributed across the meat.

It's then torched with Palawan honey, sugar, and juices from fruits like pineapples and oranges. And as if that's not enough, it arrives at the table with a special sauce made by Castillo, making it even more Holiday-worthy.

Created to have various flavors that would complement just about anything, Seda’s Signature Honey-Glazed Ham may just really be the star of one’s Noche Buena or Media Noche.
According to Chef Ker, it goes well with pasta of your choice such as carbonara, mac and cheese, spaghetti, or even just a side dish for aglio olio.

It's also fantastic served and eaten as a cold cut, pairing perfectly with biscuits and cheeses, be them sharp like queso de bola or soft like mozzarella, to get that nice play between savoury and dairy.

The ham is a perfect balance of sweet and tangy, that a first bite brings a slew of flavors crashing in. As such, find yourself a drink that would "hit you in the bottom" like a buttery chardonnay.

What you do is coat your mouth with the drink, have a bite of the ham, and experience that beautiful awakening and then a nice warm feeling of comfort after.

If wine is a bit too hoity-toity, don't forget that beer is a great match with pork, too!

Seda’s Signature Honey-Glazed Ham, sold at P1,500 in Metro Manila and P1,100 in Cebu, can last up to six months if it’s inside a freezer. — LA, GMA News

Orders are accepted at the following Seda locations:

  • Vertis North, Quezon City: Website. Email. +63917 8339117  
  • Taguig: Website. Email. +63917 7024762
  • Residences Makati: Website. Email. +63917 8751871
  • Nuvali, Laguna: Email. +63949 2558888
  • Central Bloc Cebu, Cebu. Email. +63917 8042568