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Did you know that halo-halo was inspired by Japan’s kakigori?

Did you know that halo-halo, Filipinos’ favorite cold dessert, was inspired by a Japanese snack called kakigori?

According to #KuyaKimAnoNa on “24 Oras” Friday, the Japanese introduced its shaved ice dessert to Filipinos during World War II.

Filipinos call the dessert “halo-halo” due to act of mixing (halo) the ingredients, but according to Kiyoshi Osawa, who wrote an autobiography titled “A Japanese in the Philippines” in the 1980s, the cold snack used to be called “mongo-ya” after its main ingredient mongo.

Meanwhile, halo-halo and sorbetes were recently included among best-rated ice creams in the world by online gastronomic database TasteAtlas. – RC, GMA News