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Mamamoo’s Solar has a mukbang featuring Filipino food, expresses love for pancit canton

Let’s add Solar to the growing list of Filipino food fans.

On the latest episode of Solar Eats on her YouTube channel, the Mamamoo leader and main vocalist visited a Filipino restaurant and had a mukbang featuring some of the best food the Philippines had to offer: pancit canton, crispy pata, sizzling sisig, garlic rice, and turon, plus calamansi juice and mango juice.

“For your information, I’ve lived in the Philippines for a brief time so I’m very familiar with these,” the K-Pop idol shared. “But it’s been so long since I tasted them. Then I’ll dig in right away.”

Solar’s personal favorite is pancit canton. “I think I’ve eaten this quite a lot. It’s a very familiar taste like ramyun. It’s familiar, it’s savory too,” she said. A subtitle read, “I’m getting hungry seeing myself enjoying the food so much.”

Solar likes how the noodles are thinner and softer than Korean ramyun. “This tastes so great,” she said before taking a big bite and slurping the noodles. 

Solar then tried crispy pata and sizzling sisig, which she said pair well with the garlic rice. When it got too greasy, Solar took a sip of calamansi juice before digging in again.

For dessert, the idol had turon and called it “a great snack.” She ended with the mango juice, which she said “doesn’t need any descriptions.” 

In true Filipino fashion, Solar, perhaps already feeling full while eating, took a pause and leaned back.

Solar loved the food so much and recommended them to everyone. “There may be people who are new to them, but what I felt while eating them was that they can be enjoyed by everyone regardless of gender and age. I guess I chose the menu well,” she wrote in the video description. — LA, GMA News