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FDA warns against unregistered eye drop, orders seizure from stores

The Food and Drug Administration on Friday warned the public against an unregistered eye drop product for a range of conditions from astigmatism to "blurry 'computer' vision."

In Advisory 2014-029, the FDA identified the product as CMD Eye Drop, which it said is being sold at P120 per 15-ml bottle and sold by refill in some provinces.

"The FDA warns the public that the use of unregistered eye drops presents safety risks and adverse health consequences. Since eye drops are to be applied directly to the eye area, the preparation of these solutions requires special consideration and should only be dispensed in special containers," it said.

The FDA also warned that "the use of unregistered eye drops...may result in inflammation, irritation. infection of the eye or loss of vision."

According to the FDA, the eye drop is marketed as "best for astigmatism, cataracts, pterygium, glaucoma, sore eyes, eye stress, red and itchy eyes, blurry 'computer' vision and more."

FDA also noted the product's label claimed it was registered with the "BFAD" with Registration No. FR-98502.

"However, upon verification of the sample's authenticity, it was confirmed to be unregistered," the FDA said. The Bureau of Food and Drugs was renamed the FDA in 2009.

The FDA advised consumers to use only FDA-registered health products and to look for the FDA Registration number or DR number.

It also ordered FDA inspectors to "seize unregistered CMD Eye Drops from all outlets or establishments where they are found or offered for sale or use."

Users who experience adverse reactions from the eye drops were asked to email the FDA via or call (02)807-8275. — Joel Locsin/JDS, GMA News