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Michelle Madrigal just had her breast implants removed

Michelle Madrigal went ahead and had her breast implants removed.  

On YouTube, Michelle documented her explant journey, from getting sedated to getting wheeled into the surgery room to her post-op recovery. She also showed the still-intact silicons, freshly removed from her breast.

“All is well, I’m so happy, how my boobs turned out!” Michelle said back in her house.

“This is the first day, and it’s a little loose obviously because it was stretched and I had the implants for so long. But I like how they are. I feel so much lighter, with my chest. I feel like I’m free.”

From an initial recovery period of three weeks, Michelle’s was shortened to just two weeks. According to her doctors, she can return to working out in a couple of months.



Michelle had breast implants 12 years ago when “it was all about vanity and boosting my self-confidence.”

A week ago on social media, Michelle announced she was going to have her breast implants removed because “2020 is all about healing and acceptance. They no longer serve me and my lifestyle.” — LA, GMA News