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GMA News reporter Darlene Cay shares how she lost 46 lbs.

"I am not slim, sexy, or perfectly fit in any way. I am just on a journey to becoming healthier and stronger," GMA News reporter Darlene Cay said in a Facebook post as she shared her fitness journey on social media.

Darlene said she only decided to post her story because a friend of hers pointed out that " there may be someone out there who may learn a thing or two."

Since 2014, Darlene said she has lost 46 lbs. 

In her post, Darlene said she did not have problems growing up fat, and that she would get her confidence from things she thought mattered more.

"I was a happy kid, no matter how I l looked like back then, even if I did not fit society’s standards of beauty. I guess I am just fortunate to be surrounded by kind, loving, and supportive people," she wrote.

Darlene said she decided to lose weight because of her Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and she joined a fitness journey her former coworkers started.

Darlene listed things she did in 2016 including a low-calorie diet and cutting down on rice.

"I ate whatever the hell I wanted (carbs, sweets, fats) but I limited my calorie intake to 1,200 - 1,400 per day. But, whenever I can, I chose healthier food options like vegetables and fruits," she said.

"I ate rice only once a week (except during vacation, special occasions, or out-of-town assignments)," she added.

During that year, Darlene said she had no motivation to sustain an active lifestyle.

She said it was only recently when she started working out doing "circuit training, (light) weight training, and boxing."

Darlene said her new goal is to become "stronger and to become more fit and toned."

"I have yet to see results, but I enjoy doing these. So, I do not (yet) mind waiting," she said.

She also advised those who have friends or loved ones who want to lose weight to stop putting pressure on them to do so.

"The motivation to undergo these kinds of things must come from the person him/herself," she said. "And to you who are thinking about starting your own journey to a healthier lifestyle, you do you."