Less salt is key to a healthy meal

Less salt is key to a healthy meal

Salt is an important seasoning in Filipino cuisine, but too much of it may lead to health problems. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends a maximum of 5 grams of salt per day, which is just under a teaspoon, but people tend to consume twice that amount.

Effects of too much salt in your body

Salt is made up of sodium and chloride, which are important to the human body. In small doses, salt doesn’t pose too much of a problem. A small amount of sodium is needed to maintain the body’s mineral and water balance, as well as for proper nerves and muscle function. However, a high-sodium diet is bad, especially for the kidneys.

The kidneys’ main function is to filter blood, regulating the amount of water needed in the bloodstream or to be released as urine. Too much salt in the system makes it difficult for the organs to do their filtration. If the kidneys fail to flush out the excess water, it could lead to higher blood pressure, kidney stones, and at worst, kidney disease or failure. High blood pressure also strains the blood vessels, leading to heart attack, stroke, and even heart failure.

Bloating is one of the symptoms of water retention caused by too much intake of sodium. It doesn’t only manifest around the stomach, but on the face, hands, legs, or ankles as well. While it is not considered a disease, bloating can be very uncomfortable. Dehydration is also a serious concern since the body will pull water from the cells to dilute the excessive amount of sodium in the bloodstream. Doctors recommend drinking plenty of water every day and reducing salt intake as part of a healthy eating lifestyle.

Reducing sodium in meals

Most Filipino food won’t taste the same without their signature umami or meaty, savory flavors. However, a healthy meal doesn’t have to compromise the flavors of the dishes. Reduce the need for salt when cooking family favorites by partially replacing salt with Aji-no-moto®. Aji-no-moto® can lower the sodium content of food by up to 61% without sacrificing the taste. Head over to the Aji-no-moto® website to know the less salt yet equally delicious versions of popular dishes like Beef Kaldereta or Chicken Pastel.

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Remember that one’s sodium intake adds up in a day because sodium can also be found even in canned products, sauces, and processed foods. To avoid going over the recommended daily amount of sodium, be mindful of the ingredients and nutrient labels in food.

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