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K Brosas recovers from COVID-19, reveals she taped her last words

Comedienne and actress K Brosas has announced that had recovered from the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).

On Friday, K shared a photo of her results showing that she had tested negative for the virus.

“After 17 days of isolation, thank You, Lord, negative na (I’m negative)!” she wrote.

K, who confirmed she had contracted the virus, said she had only mild symptoms “pero iba po ’yung mental torture o praning feels (the mental torture and paranoia were something else).”

The comedienne said she got so scared that she taped her last words should something bad happen to her.

K said she did not document her COVID journey and instead recorded her “huling habilin” (last words), but she later deleted it because it made her sad.

The comedian said she was thankful that her child and staff members tested negative and only she and her assistant got the virus. According to K, both of them have already recovered.

“Hindi po biro ’tong virus na ’to (this virus is not a joke),” she said.

“Kung malakas katawan mo o tingin mo kakayanin mo, isipin mo ’yung mga ’di kakayanin na mahahawa mo. Social responsibility na lang,” she added.

[If you have a healthy body or you think you can survive, just think of those people you might infect who will not. It’s just social responsibility.] – Kaela Malig/RC, GMA News