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Sitti gets COVID-19 vaccine amid pregnancy: 'I want me and my baby to be protected'

Sitti has gotten her dose of the COVID-19 vaccine amid pregnancy with her second child.

On Instagram, Monday, she shared a photo with her husband Joey Ramirez at the vaccination site and said she received her “second dose done at 32 weeks.” 

“Joey and I trust the science behind vaccines. We trust that this is the best decision we can make for me and our baby in these extraordinary times,” she wrote in the caption.

According to the singer, she has been hearing news that pregnant women and their newborns have been getting the virus, so they have decided to lessen the possibility of it happening to them.

“I’ve been seeing a lot of posts of [pregnant women] contracting COVID after delivery. Their babies are separated from them right after delivery. I think I’ve seen two moms who sadly didn’t make it.”

Sitti pointed to two expectant friends, who contracted the virus, which complicated their pregnancies. 

“We all want to reach 37 weeks as much as possible because that’s when baby is considered full-term already. Deliver earlier than that and baby would have to stay in the NICU,” she wrote.

“Under normal circumstances, that would be very costly and emotionally [or] physically draining. What more now when our hospitals are nearly full capacity and Delta variant is spreading.”

The soon-to-be mother of two said she sought the guidance of her doctor and received her first jab of the Moderna vaccine at 27 weeks.

“I want me and my baby to be protected from severe COVID. I want to pass on antibodies to my baby while in utero. I want to do my part in reaching herd immunity,” she said.

According to Sitti, the only side effects she experienced after getting the shot were heaviness on injected site, slight fatigue, and pooping “more than usual.”

“Day 2 after first dose, I was back to normal. My succeeding ultrasounds show that baby is doing okay too,” she wrote in the caption.

Towards the end of her post, Sitti said she and Joey will “lie extremely low for the next two weeks” until the vaccine fully takes effect.

She added that a clearance from an obstetrician is required for pregnant women before the can get their vaccines at the vaccination site.

Earlier this month, health authorities have included pregnant women among priority groups for the vaccination against COVID-19 under the Expanded A3 group. — Franchesca Viernes/LA, GMA News