Give your 100% now for a stronger tomorrow

Give your 100% now for a stronger tomorrow

As an adult, you face a myriad of challenges as you work towards a better life for yourself or for your family. Occasionally, you can’t help but wonder, “Am I doing things right?” You want to be able to perform your best all the time, but can you actually do that now that you’re an adult who is set in your own ways? Absolutely, yes!

You’re not too old to learn something new
Anyone can still learn new things no matter their age. Studies have shown that engaging in mental exercises or meaningful activities is good for the brain, especially for adults. While it’s true that it may take you extra time to learn, adults can perform just as well as younger individuals. So take this as a sign to rediscover old hobbies, start new ones, and study new skills. 

You are who you think you are
Your mind can tell you you’re capable of achieving your goals the same way it can bring you insecurity and doubts. If you want to realize your vision for your future, you must train your brain to think, “I can do this!”. Change is never easy, but it’s necessary. Rewiring the way your mind sees yourself is a good place to start.

Your imperfections aren’t weaknesses
Your flaws aren’t always easy to deal with but they're part of what makes you unique. It takes a lot of courage and self-love to accept your flaws. Through this process, however, you learn to see your self-worth, giving you the confidence you need to accomplish your goals in life.

Your health is your superpower
All adults need to get the proper nutrition daily to be able to take on their everyday tasks. Unfortunately, an alarming number of working Filipinos don’t get their necessary nutrient intake.

There are plenty of ways to improve one’s health and well-being, like eating a balanced diet, exercising, and avoiding bad habits. Aside from these, adults can also benefit from drinking Bear Brand Adult Plus daily.

Researchers have found that those who drink Bear Brand Adult Plus every day with 3 balanced meals and exercise were able to meet 100% of the required vitamins and minerals that the body needs. This is based on a joint study by the University of the Philippines – College of Home Economics (UPCHE) and Nestle Bear Brand Adult Plus, called “Effects of Fortified Adult Milk Drink Formula and a Stress Management on Work Productivity and Gut Microbiota of Filipino Adults”. This means that Bear Brand Adult Plus helps meet 100% of the daily nutritional needs of Filipino adults based on the Philippine Dietary Reference Intakes (PDRI) of the essential nutrients such as, Vitamin C, Zinc, and B Vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B6, B12) with 3 balanced meals and exercise.

Have the confidence to give your 100% in life! With this life-changing mindset powered by the right nutrition and with the help of Bear Brand Adult Plus, you’re on your way to a stronger tomorrow.

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