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What is ice contour, and how does it help in skincare?

In the skincare department, it's always nice to know new proven trends and hacks that will improve the skin. Who doesn't want a clear complexion, right?

Aside from the well-known basic skincare steps of facial wash, toner, mask sheet, and more, did you know that an ingredient as simple as ice could help cure some of your skincare woes?

In an episode of "Pinoy MD," Rosanel Demasudlay, a 29-year-old who suffered from "maskne" during the peak of the pandemic, said that she cured her acne breakouts with the help of "suob" or steaming followed by damping a block of ice lightly on areas of her face with acne.

"Sobrang laki ng improvement sa ginagawa ko, sobrang happy ko talaga. Di ko ma-explain," Rosanel said.

("I saw a huge improvement after what I did, I was so happy. I cannot explain it.")

While the use of ice is not scientifically proven to cure acne, Dr. Grace Carole Beltran, a licensed dermatologist, said there is no harm in using ice for skincare as it helps produce collagen and elastin.

"Medyo nagta-tighten din 'yung skin mo kasi nga nag-co-constrict ang blood vessel, nawawala ang sweating, nawawala 'yung init masyado," Dr. Carole said.

("Your skin tightens because the blood vessels construct, the sweating disappears, the heat disappears.")

Since ice has been gaining popularity in skincare, a new product has been gaining traction online. Have you ever heard of ice contour?

Ice contour, which usually ranges from P200 to P300, is made of silicone, where you can put water to create ice in the freezer for some time.

With ice contour, you don't have to cover the ice in a towel before damping in the face since you can directly hold the silicone as the device for damping.

While there are positive reviews on using ice, Dr. Carole said that it's not scientifically proven to cure acne, but its coldness helps lessen the pain that comes with pimples.

"Minsan masakit pimple lalo na hinahawakan mo, masakit, it can help a little bit in that aspect kasi diminishes the inflammation, the redness and the pain," the dermatologist said.

("Sometimes pimples hurt especially when you touch it, it can help a little bit in that aspect because it diminishes the inflammation, the redness and the pain.")

There's no harm in using ice, but the doctor suggested seeking professional advice when acne breakouts persist.

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—Hermes Joy Tunac/MGP, GMA News