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'Geostorm' is a disaster film filled with thrills, action, and lots of special effects

Imagine humanity harnessing the power of the weather at the touch of a button: you can control rainfall, sunlit days, and snowfall just by hitting a series of programs that activates a special satellite that controls the climate conditions of the Earth.

So what happens when, say, during a season of mercury in retrograde, all of that goes haywire and humanity suffers as a result of disaster pods causing several countries to feel Mother Nature’s wrath?


All photos from IMDb
All photos from IMDb

That’s pretty much the premise of director Dean Devlin’s newest disaster flick “Geostorm”, which has “300” star Gerard Butler headlining as an astronaut who must stop his satellite creation from causing catastrophic damage on his home planet.

As a film that is directed by someone who has worked on the "Independence Day" films and is half-Filipino to boot, Devlin’s "Geostorm" is a surprisingly entertaining thrill ride full of gorgeous special effects that simulate how different countries experience the wrath of man-made satellites that have drastically altered weather conditions.

Tsunamis, hurricanes, thunderstorms, and temperature changes are all brought to life and cause untold amounts of destruction and chaos in the big screen.

That’s not to say the film doesn’t have a solid narrative, as a conspiracy that involves the United States presidency and its involvement in creating the weather controlling satellites gives the film ground to work on.


While Gerard Butler’s performance is what you’d expect from an actor of his caliber, other acting vets like Jim Sturgess,  Abbie Cornish, Ed Harris, and Andy Garcia add to a very strong performance, leveling with strength of special effects of the movie.

If you want to experience high octane action and mother nature’s wrath, "Geostorm" provides enough of that plus unexpected action sequences that take you from earth to space as the cast race against time to prevent further disaster. If climate change was an issue everyone is aware of, the movie certainly paints a very grim picture.

Pro-tip: Try and catch "Geostorm" on 4DX to feel just the full intensity of this disaster movie. — LA, GMA News