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Side hustles for summer: Create stickers like Pundesal

[Welcome to summer! Let's try to kill boredom with cool activities at home, awesome travel itineraries, and TV and movies! This week, let's talk about side hustles and trying to earn some extra cash.]

Ah summer, that time of year when most of us create a little more time than usual for our personal lives. We can always do the cash-burning usual — go on a trip, go to the beach, go visit lola in the province.

Or we can turn time into tangible gold and step on the gas of your passion projects and perhaps make some extra cashola.

You don’t need to resign from your full-time job or be financially loaded to start a side gig. All you need are creativity and resourcefulness.

Meet Lance Florentino the funny dude behind Pundesal stickers. Lance, who has been working as a graphic designer in an advertising agency for two years now, has always wanted to create stickers.


While in a coffee shop in Kapitolyo, he saw a rack of stickers consigned in the cafe. "It urged me to start Pundesal."

Online store Pundesal provides a daily dose of "punpasaya" and "punira ng araw" stickers (Pundikit), patches (Puntahi), and everything in between.

With just about P500, Lance create 20 sticker packs, first selling the "Pundikit packs" to friends. He then did all of the legwork that soon made Pundesal something of a social media favorite among Pinoy millennials.


Over 23,000 people follow him on Facebook, with an additional 7,000 more on Instagram which translates to somewhere around P7,000 in additional cash.

"I sold the designs as stickers because who doesn’t love stickers? Light-hearted and nostalgic, they played a big part in our generation’s childhood. Also, stickers are shareable. They reflect the brand’s purpose perfectly which is to connect by sharing inside jokes or ‘kalokohan’ with others,” he says.

"Anyone can do it since you don’t need to shell out a large amount of money. You could always test the market first if your product would click or not,” Lances says encouragingly.

Where before, he'd shell out only P1,000 a month, "now it really depends on the sales from the previous month, and how aggressive you are in marketing or promoting your products."



Khalandi naman, oy! ????????????

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A few things he needs to consider: the current stocks, the rent to partner stores, and the recurring expenses like the website and e-commerce monthly fees and Facebook ads.

“What I love most about Pundesal is that even if it is considered a ‘business,’ it would always be my stress reliever and creative playground. A personal project where I could play and goof around, evoke emotions (hopefully positive!), and communicate with the community who shares the same humor.” — LA, GMA News

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