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Donate your worn-out bra and turn it into fuel

Japanese undergarment brand Wacoal is giving a new meaning to bra-burning.

Wacoal boutique stores and select department stores are providing a bin where you can deposit your old bras, regardless of brand. Simply ask the staff present for a recycling bag that holds approximately four bras and you'll receive your own reusable bag.

However, that's not the real reward.

In an interview with GMA News Online via mobile, Marketing and Merchandising Manager Ms. Elmira S. Cadungog explained that the bras will be processed in Consolacion, Cebu and converted into "fluff fuel."

According to an article published by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), fluff fuel is one of the highest grade of RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel) around.

"The Fluff Fuels are produced through shredding, compressing and packaging of plastics, papers, and fibers," the article explained.

Yokohama-based company Guun Corporation in 2013 successfully launched the pilot project in Cebu, and Cadungog told GMA News Online that fluff fuel is currently being utilized by cement factories in the area.

UNIDO lists lower CO2 emissions than fossil fuel as one of the major advantages of fluff fuels, explaining, "Fuel consumers such as cement manufacturers or power generation companies can cut back on their CO2 emissions by 17 percent during the heating process by Fluff Fuel rather than coal. That is due to the lower carbon content of Fluff Fuel over coal."

How to know when your bra is giving up on you? Check out the helpful guide from Wacoal below:


Wacoal's recycling campaign runs from August 1 to September 30. Wacoal will accept any brand of bra. Participating branches are found in Gaisano Alabang, Market Market, Gaisano Metro Ayala Cebu, Rustans Alabang, Rustans Makati, Rustans Gateway, Rustans Tower Shangri-la, and Rustans Cebu. — LA, GMA News

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