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Filipino users are paying 28% more per title on Netflix than US consumers – study

Filipino users are paying 28% more for their Netflix subscription than US consumers, indicates a study conducted by Comparitech, a pro-consumer website headquarted in the UK.

Conducted in September 2018, the study looked into the number of TV shows and movies available in 78 countries, added them to get the total number of titles, “which we’ve divided into the monthly subscription price to establish each country’s cost per title per month,” Comparitech disclosed in its website.

From there, “we evaluated the standard cost per month in each country and how this shapes up against others.”

The results show that with a library size of 3,835 and a monthly subscription rate of P370 (or $6.97), Philippine subscribers pay an average of $0.00182 or P0.0096 per title.

Americans meanwhile, have a library size of 5,839 and a monthly subscription rate of $7.99, which translates to $0.00137 or P0.072 per title.

This means, Filipinos are paying 28% more than Americans.

According to the study, the average cost per title worldwide is $0.00222 or P0.12.

Despite paying a bit more than the US, the Philippines is actually ranked 8th cheapest place to consume the streaming service, at cost per month. According to Comparitech, this is 16.8% cheaper than average.

The metric is topped by Brazil, where Netflix comes out 44.6% cheaper at cost per month.

The US meanwhile is ranked 7th in the list of Top 10 places, where Netflix has good value for money. "Value for money in this instance is being compared on a cost per title basis," explains James Agate of Comparitech.

Meanwhile, European countries dominate the Top 10 countries where Netflix is most expensive, with Denmark, Switzerland, and Norway in the top 3.

According to Mr. Agate, they chose the countries "based on firstly availability of Netflix and secondly our ability to source data for them both pricing and library size."

GMA News Online has reached out to Netflix for their comment. We will update this story once we've received it. Read the study here— LA, GMA News