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Photos of Catriona Gray performing at a gig in a popular QC bar surface online

By now, everybody knows what a huge music enthusiast the new Miss Universe is.

Catriona Gray took her talents — our girl can sing! — up a notch and enrolled in an online course in Music Theory, Ear Training and Harmony from the prestigious Berklee College of Music.

But here’s another angle by which to view Catriona’s music persona: She’s actually gone the gig route.

Photos of a gig for which she was a headliner have surfaced on Facebook, courtesy of popular QC bar Route 196.

Cat was among the headliners for the DiDiDoo gig back on February 28, 2013, joining the likes of Barbie Almalbis and Conscious & The Goodness.

She was joined by musician Enrique ‘Inky’ de Dios on keyboards, guitars, and loopers who told GMA News Online that Cat’s parents and her boyfriend were actually at the gig to watch Catriona perform. 

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That night, Cat and Inky performed Rihanna's "Stay" and "Because The Night" by the legendary Patti Smith, among other songs.

"She can really sing. Her voice is quite soulful in the contralto range and doesn't follow the trend of breathy and affected singing," Inky said.

"She's an absolute joy to work with. Always comes prepared for rehearsals and is open to suggestions and new ideas," Inky shared. 

“She actually sang backup for my single,” Inky continued, adding despite her busy schedule during her Miss Universe campaign, "she made the time to record backup vocals for my own single."

The song is called "She Doesn't Want You" and we all can listen to it here— LA, GMA News