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Simple ways to attract good luck this 2019 Year of the Earth Pig, according to a feng shui adviser

In a recent Ask Away episode, Feng Shui adviser Johnson Chua said, 2019 the year of the earth pig will be a much better year than 2018, the year of the earth dog.

“Mas maluwag ang 2019. It’s a promising year, and the promise of the pig is maraming resources and opportunities,” he said.

But the only real way to make the most of these resources and opportunities is to take action. “Our luck is naka-depende na talaga sa atin, and sa actions natin. Heaven’s luck is already given. We just need to take action,” continued Johnson, who mans Binondo’s Feng Shui Sunrise store.

Taking action is one of two important reminders he issued for the Year of the Pig, the other being: to take care of our emotions.

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Because piggies — those born in the year of the pig — are naturally, emotionally weak and gullible, it follows that in the year of the pig, everybody must take care of our emotions.

He said, “Ang pinaka problem this year is emotional health. As long as we can stabilize our emotions, there will be less sickness for us this year.”

“Wag tayo papadala sa emotions,” reminds Johnson.

He also offers another important point: Red, yellow, and green are the three lucky colors of 2019. “Fire energy is good so you can wear red agate or red garnet, which can boost our power and boost our emotions to positivity. Yellow, like citrine can help us stabilize, and then green, like jade.”

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It would help to have an image of the pig near you; an illustration is better than a picture of a real pig, he said. "Having an image of the pig, you’re also attracting the good energy of that figure. Ibig sabihin, you’re prepared to absorb whatever opportunities, energy, the good luck and blessings from that figure."

Finally, Johnson recommends charity. “[In] doing good karma, you will also receive good karma, lessening bad luck,” he said, adding in other Asian countries actually consider donating blood as one way to solve bad luck. — LA, GMA News