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Ben&Ben reveals title of song inspired by story of netizen in love with her best friend

Ben&Ben has revealed the title of the song they recently wrote after hearing the story of a netizen who has been in love with her best friend for eight years.

In a private listening session and mini press conference on Monday, the award-winning Filipino nine-piece collective announced that the song is called "Lifetime."

The title echoes one of the most heartbreaking lines in a YouTube comment on the band's "Pagtingin" music video.

"That particular post really got to us na parang na-inspire kami using 'yung some of the words mismo nung nasa post," the band's Miguel Benjamin said.

Inspired by a line

The comment was left by a netizen with the username Anne Jou, who shared the story of her missed chance at love.

She said she attended the wedding of her best friend, whom she's been secretly in love with since high school.

"Before his wedding he thanked me for being his best friend and told me that before he met the girl he got married to, he loved me first. For 5 years. But he was also scared of losing me so he just decided to keep it," she said.

"We didn't know that if only one of us dared to make a move, a lifetime was waiting for us," she added.

The last line in particular, "a lifetime was waiting for us," has sparked inspiration to the band.

"It became one of the first few lines na nasulat doon sa song which turned out to be its chorus and its title."

Writing the song

Miguel said one night his brother Paolo was sitting when he suddenly grabbed his guitar and hummed a melody.

"Kapag kinukuha niya 'yung gitara tapos meron siyang nakatingin siya sa kawalan alam mo na may parating na something biglang may hinum siyang melody," Miguel narrated.

Most of them in the band said they all have somehow experienced what it's like to fall in love with someone and refuse to confess to save the friendship.

After they had written the song, Paolo and Miguel passed it around to the rest of the band and used the Google Docs-like app for musicians and bands.

"So that's where we uploaded ideas, downloaded ideas," Paolo said.

Miguel said everything was recorded from their own homes separately and revealed that they even used their closet to record their vocals.

"It was a very raw DIY process pero happy naman kami," he said.

Ben&Ben said their producer friend JP Verona helped them with the technical aspects of recording from home.

"Tinuruan niya kami na kapag magre-record ka ng vocals everything nakalagay 'yung mic sa closet so 'yun 'yung studio namin, 'yung closet namin."

The band said they are hoping that the release of this new single will "culminate to the release of another album."

The song is all set and ready to be released on Thursday, June 4. —MGP, GMA News