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Regina Gift Shop, popular Greenhills establishment, has closed

Popular Greenhills establishment Regina Gift Shop has closed after 43 years in business.

It announced the sad news on Facebook Sunday, thanking its customers for "growing old with us."

Regina is a unique Greenhills go-to that sells everything and anything that's trendy through the years, be it the velcro cloth wallets of the '80s, trapper keepers and Lisa Frank merchandise in the '90s, funky socks in the '00s — plus all the stationeries, stickers, notepads, ballpens, mugs, and candies in between.

It's where people go to find unique Halloween costumes, gifts for Kris Kringle, or just to hang out and buy whatever is uso.

It feels like a part of our childhood just faded away. We're sad to see you go, Regina. Thank you for the memories! — LA, GMA News