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Daang Dokyu extends run of ‘Martial Law, Never Again’ documentary films

Daang Dokyu has announced that it is extending the showing of the “Martial Law, Never Again” documentary films following an earlier glitch.

“We apologize for the glitch. Our system has been overwhelmed (which also means we got your support and we thank you!),” said an announcement Monday on the Facebook page of Daang Dokyu, a festival of Philippine documentaries.

“Because of this, we are extending the run of Martial Law, Never Again up to September 23, 12 mn,” it added.

The “Martial Law, Never Again” series consists of five films that unveil the tragic events during the late dictator’s regime.

The films included are “Rustling of Leaves: Inside the Philippine Revolution,” “Marcos: A Malignant Spirit,” “Alunsina,” “Mendiola Massacre,” and “Imelda.”

Although the lineup will end tomorrow, Daang Dokyu shared that some of the films would again be available for streaming during the festival proper. The schedule is as follows:

“Marcos, the Malignant Spirit,” “Mendiola Massacre,” and “A Rustling of Leaves” will be shown Oct. 9-15, while “Alunsina” will rin from Oct. 30 to Nov. 5.

The festival, initiated by the Filipino Documentary Society, started on Sept. 19 and will end on Nov. 5. – Kaela Malig/RC, GMA News