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BTS agency Big Hit Entertainment to launch new boyband in Japan

The agency of BTS, Big Hit Entertainment, will be launching a new boyband in Japan!

On Friday, the company retweeted an update from Big Hit Entertainment Japan about a “global debut project.”

According to Big Hit Japan, it “will launch the ‘Big Hit Japan Global Debut Project’ to produce artists who will start in Japan and go on to perform on the world stage.” 

It also named the group’s starting lineup, adding that new members would be chosen through an audition. 

“#K #NICHOLAS #EJ #KYUNGMIN #TAKI and new members selected by auditions will debut in 2021, starting their journey in Japan!” it said.

K, Nicholas, EJ, Kyungmin, Taki were contestants on “I-Land,” the 2020 K-Pop reality show produced by Belift Lab, a joint venture by South Korean companies Big Hit and CJ ENM.

The seven winners of “I-Land” now form the new idol group Enhypen, which debuted in November. – RC, GMA News