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Donnalyn Bartolome, Marco Gumabao, Super Tekla argue over ‘last to leave pool wins 1M’ contest

Donnalyn Bartolome, Marco Gumabao, and Super Tekla have gotten into an argument over a contest where the winner takes home PHP1 million.

In Donnalyn’s latest vlog titled “Extreme Last To Leave The Pool Wins 1 Million,” the contest participants including her, Marco, Tekla, Donita Nose, Mika Salamanca, and Asian Cutie were all in a swimming pool trying to outlast each other.

The game, which was organized by Donnalyn’s team, started with everyone having fun and enjoying each other’s company.

After a few hours, the team decided to add live insects, such as cockroaches, to the pool to add thrill to the game.

However, the participants weren’t bothered and even played with the insects, so frogs were added to the mix to stir things up!

When no one flinched, all of them were then asked to sign waivers.

What followed were a bunch of snakes and small crocodiles making their way into the pool, alarming everyone, especially Donita Nose who quit shortly after.

Marco, meanwhile, went up to the pool railing. Donnalyn immediately called him out and said he’s out of the game, but the actor disagreed.

“What we talked about was out of the pool, not out of the water,” Marco said in Tagalog.

“You need to be in the water because you’re unfair. We’re all in the water while you’re not,” Donnalyn answered, adding that he should leave.

Marco, however, continued to argue, saying he’s on the right track.

The situation went on until the morning after, when Donnalyn suddenly changed the rules. “There should be a line on where we can stay,” she said.

Meanwhile, one of the small snakes and crocodiles in the water got near Super Tekla, who was startled and accidentally crossed the line set by Donnalyn.

When Donnalyn insisted that he was out, Super Tekla complained that the rules were not properly explained and clarified. “Malabo talaga ’yung rules (the rules are unclear),” he said.

“Lokohan (Is this a joke)? Okay, fine,” he added. “You gave the rules late. You should’ve explained it to us properly before we started.”

When they did a rundown on who the final contestants were, Marco was surprised that he had been disqualified since the previous day when he got up to the pool railing.

“It’s unfair that we weren’t counted. The rules weren’t even explained properly earlier,” he said.

Marco and Super Tekla then left the pool, expressing their dismay.

After they left, Donnalyn asked her team if she was being pranked. “I’m not cheating. I just gave the rule. I wanna know if I was really disrespected,” she said.

The vlogger said she had never been treated that way in a collaboration before.

Toward the end of the 28-minute video, Donnalyn had a note for Marco and Tekla: “I heard everything through our pet CCTV.”

On Tuesday, Donnalyn explained her team’s side, saying it was not easy to give away PHP 1 million from her own pocket.

Deleted na yung vlog okay na tayo? 1M yunn. 1M. 1 Million pesos galing saakin mismo yung pera na yun. Tingin niyo madali...

Posted by Donnalyn on Monday, May 10, 2021

“Malamang may ahas at crocodile dun kaya mas okay na mag-alisan na lahat sa pool,” she said.

[There are snakes and crocodiles so it’s better for all the participants to leave.]

“Nangangagat talaga yung mga buwaya na ’yon. Kaya nga tayo may waiver and medic kasi unsafe,” she added.

[Of course the crocodiles bite, that’s why we have a waiver and medics because it’s unsafe.]

Donnalyn said she felt bad for their friendship, adding that money could be earned again.

“Kikitain natin ’yan kahit ’di kayo manalo so sana walang pikunan. Sayang friendship grabe,” she wrote with a broken heart emoji.

[We will earn that money even if you don’t win, so please don’t be so sensitive. What a waste of friendship.]

“Last to leave the pool wins 1 million pesos but new rules are not allowed? You can go up the railing for like 30 seconds and still be in the game? Come on,” she added in a mix of English and Tagalog.

According to her Facebook post, she has already deleted the vlog, but it is available on YouTube as of writing. – RC, GMA News