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Juliana Gomez continues to prioritize sports and academics as she studies public administration in college

Juliana Gomez has been asked a couple of times if she also plans to follow the footsteps of her celebrity parents.

But in a Chika Minute Exclusive interview by GMA News reporter Nelson Canlas, Juliana maintains her main focus is her academics and sports.

Appearing with her mom, representative of 4th District of Leyte Lucy Torres, Juliana said, "this year and ever since I entered college, I’ve been really putting my heart into what I think I should be doing and right now. That’s sports and graduating. I’ve really been working on that aspect of my life a lot."

Juliana dreams of becoming a varsity athlete in college "and eventually representing my country in whatever sport that I want to play."

When asked if she plans to enter showbiz like her parents, Juliana said she's want to be behind the camera if she were to do so.

"Before entering college, I really wanted to take up mass comm. I wanted to look into working behind the scenes. I wanted to take up film," she shared. "Those were the things that interested me so if ever I [do] enter show business, it would be towards that direction; not in front of the camera."

Juliana is currently taking Public Administration at the University of the Philippines and during the interview, Lucy said "Maybe it’s the environment she grew up in."

"When she was born, her father was very much into showbiz and then eventually we both got into the public service so it’s probably the influence of the random conversations she hears in the everyday grind," Lucy explained.

Lucy did clarify that she and her husband Richard "do not impose our dreams on her."

"Sabi ko nga, even before, ang dasal ko palagi is for her to be the person God designed her to be whatever that is, whatever field that will be. I do not, I will not impose any dream on her because I believe the only way a person — not only Juliana — to have a beautiful life is if she is able to fulfill her purpose," she added.

When asked what she wants to do after she graduates, Juliana said she is "still figuring things out."

She does plan to continue her sports and take up a master's degree to further educate herself.

Juliana said she used to play volleyball and is now practicing fencing under the guidance of her father, Richard Gomez who is currently the president of the Philippine Fencing Association.

Juliana is rumored to be in a relationship with a Filipino fencing athlete named Miggy Bonnevie-Cruz. — Jannielyn Ann Bigtas/LA, GMA News