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'Trese' creator Budjette Tan reveals comics' lead was initially male

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Alexandra Trese has caught everyone's attention with the release of the highly anticipated anime series “Trese,” but did you know that the lead was male in the first draft?

In an interview with GMA News last year, “Trese” co-creator Budjette Tan revealed that the initial name for the main role was Anton Trese.

“He was a tough guy that fought aswang with the buntot-pagi. When Kajo Baldisimo drew him and sent me the sketch, I said ‘Wow! What a cool looking character!’” he said.

“But in the back of my head, I also thought ‘Why does it feel so typical? It’s very cliché to see another tough guy fighting monsters,’” he added.

Eventually, he realized that "it's just another action star wearing a jacket."

"It’s another FPJ, Robin Padilla, Bong Revilla tough guy," he said.

With that thought, Tan said he texted Baldisimo and suggested they "flip it."

“I said ‘What if Trese was a woman?’ And Kajo said ‘Oh, that would make Trese more cool,’” he said, adding that the revised sketch was sent the same day.

“He emailed me a new sketch of Trese with her devil’s haircut and all of that. With no other character design, I thought, ‘yeah, this is it. She’s our character,’” he continued.

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Based on the Filipino fantasy, crime-horror comic book of the same name, “Trese” is about mythical creatures of Philippine folklore who live in hiding amongst humans.

Alexandra Trese works alongside the police when they encounter cases that involve a ghost, an aswang, a tikbalang, or other creatures from Philippine folklore.

She is voiced by Liza Soberano in the Tagalog version while “Pretty Little Liars” star Shay Mitchell will lend her voice for the English one.

"Trese" is the country’s first Netflix original anime series. It is now available for streaming on Netflix. —Franchesca Viernes/JCB, GMA News

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