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Mikael Daez gets scratch on face after 'wrestling match'

Mikael Daez recently got a scratch on his face after losing a so-called "wrestling match," and his opponent was none other than his adorable poodle, Soba.

The actor and model showed his scar in a clip he posted on Instagram, explaining how Soba accidentally kicked him during playtime.

Mikael, however, clarified it was only a scratch, not a bite, and that the whole thing was entirely his fault.

"Soba and I have been wrestling for almost two years straight now and I have won every single wrestling match, except for today where I lost... badly," Mikael said, showing the light gash on one side of his face.


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Fofo also apologized to little Soba, who was chilling with his wife, Megan Young.

"Kasalanan mo e. Kasalanan ni Fofo (It was your fault)!" Megan said, before teasing Mikael with a fake roar.

"Argh! My fault," Mikael agreed. "Sorry Soba."

—Margaret Claire Layug/MGP, GMA News