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Billy Crawford slams netizen for saying his tattoos ‘are for drug addicts'

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Billy Crawford isn't going to take negative comments about his tattoos sitting down. 

On Instagram Tuesday, Billy shared a selfie with his son Amari where they are seen doing a wacky pose. Because he was shirtless in the photo, portions of Billie's 'sleeve' were shown in the photo.

“Even if the weather isn’t all that great, you bring in the sunshine! Mornin’ my little sweet pea,” he wrote oozing with happy vibes.

While most showered the little boy with admiration, a netizen chose to comment on Billy’s tattoos, dampening his spirits.

“Billy, we all [love] you but your tattoos are for drug addicts,” his comment read.

Billy wasn't going to take none of it. “So you’re trying to say my father and my brother are drug addicts?" He engaged the netizen.

"You have to look deeper than skin, child. Don’t judge a book by its cover!”

Billy also took the time to point out the commenter’s handle saying, “Having ‘420’ on your name doesn’t make you the cleanest.”

In case you didn't know what 420 means, we'll leave it to you to google. — Franchesca Viernes/LA, GMA News

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