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Ready for Jose Mari Chan memes? King of Christmas Carols says he's flattered but...

The "Ber" months are here and you know what that means: it's unofficially the start of the Christmas season!

Two things are sure to happen as we wake up to September 1: Christmas carols will be played on Spotify and Jose Mari Chan memes will once again flood the internet.

So what does the King of Christmas Carols think of this tradition?

"I'm flattered but I hope they don't overdo it, baka sabihin ng mga tao, 'Ayan na naman wala na bang bago?'" Chan quipped in Oscar Oida's report on "24 Oras."

Chan, who composed popular holiday songs "A Perfect Christmas" and "Christmas in Our Hearts," urged his fellow Filipinos to "make Christmas meaningful this year."

"How do you do that? Take care of your health. If you have not been vaccinated yet, please, please have yourself vaccinated. Because come Christmas, you don't want to be sick in bed. You don't want to be in the hospital," he said.

"Show your love by sharing your blessings with those with less in life, with those who are hungry, those who are underemployed or unemployed," he added.

Chan himself said that he continues to share his talent despite the lack of concerts amid the pandemic.

"Sometimes they would request me na, 'Could you submit a video of yourself singing?' Then I do. I submit it because that's part of the gift of music that God has given me," he said.

"God gave me the gift of music in order for me to share with his people. I always say yes."

—MGP, GMA News