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Sandara Park gets back the shoe she lost during 2NE1's Coachella performance

Sandara Park lost her right shoe during 2NE1's surprise performance at the Coachella 2022, but she has now gotten it back!

Dara, whose iconic hairstyle already got everyone talking, created more buzz when she her shoe flew off while doing a kick. She was later spotted with just one shoe while posing for a photo with CL, Minzy, and Bom.

On Twitter, Monday, the K-pop star posted a photo of her shoes, showing that the one she lost was eventually returned to her.

"I got my other shoe back! Don't worry~!" she said.

When asked in Tagalog why her shoe flew off, Dara responded: "Ewan ko... di naman lumipad 'yung shoes ko during rehearsals... I think iba talaga energy level ko sa actual show!"

("I don't know... my shoes didn't fly off during rehearsals... I think my energy level is really different on the actual show!")

In another tweet, Dara shared that it wasn't just her shoe that flew off—she also lost her sock!

"I think my socks is still on the stage. With all the other performers," she said. "Sorry for that."

2NE1's reunion at the Coachella is their first group performance in six years. The group, which performed their song "I Am The Best," disbanded in 2016.

—MGP, GMA News

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