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'Wednesday' ties 'Stranger Things 4' for highest debut week for English titles on Netflix

"Wednesday" is a hit!

According to Netflix, the Tim Burton series now holds the record for most hours viewed for an English-language series in a week on the platform, with 341.2 million hours.

It's also no. 1 in 83 countries, "tying the record set by 'Stranger Things 4.'"

The show also trended on Twitter, and TikTok users are even copying Wednesday's dance in one of the episodes.

The show follows Wednesday Addams, a character from the Addams Family lore, who enters Nevermore Academy, a school for outcasts such as herself.

Once there, she is embroiled in a mystery surrounding the school and the town Jericho. Cue a deadly monster, some family issues, and of course, potential romance.

"Wednesday" premiered its first season on Netflix last Wednesday. Season 2 announcement when? —JCB, GMA Integrated News