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Sharon Cuneta drops new song written by daughter Frankie Pangilinan, featuring KINDRED

Sharon Cuneta drops new song written by daughter Frankie Pangilinan, featuring KINDRED

Sharon Cuneta, her daughter Frankie Pangilinan, and OPM boyband KINDRED have joined forces.

They released a track titled “Megastar (Interlude),” which was penned by Frankie, Fern., and composed by KINDRED with vocals from their members. Frankie and her sister Miel Pangilinan also provided their background vocals.

Frankie wrote about the creative process on Instagram, saying that the song is a love letter for her mom.

“[I] grew up watching mom through the window-slices of recording studios. [She’d] bring me to work and [I’d] stand on barstools or vinyl couches just to catch a glimpse of her going through lyric pages in cold, shadowy vocal booths, and at the age of twenty-two, for the very first time, [I] took my mommy to work with me,” she said.

Frankie added, “despite a career that’s spanned decades and affected generations beyond her own, she’d never owned a record of hers until [I] wrote this song at three in the morning when @ferntan_ sent me its bare bones. this is my gift to her.”

The song opens with Sharon speaking about real stars requiring longevity. Its opening lyrics are “Maybe the DJ’s gone,” which references Sharon’s hit song “Mr. DJ,” composed by Rey Valera.

Frankie called the classic a “song about a love so deep it transcends all manners of space, connecting people through the buzz of flimsy radio waves.”

Forty-five years later, Frankie wrote about the same kind of love, how it has aged, and whether it still exists.

“[If] you listen closely, you can hear @mielpangilinan and i singing with mommy in the distant background. we’re there as markers of the present,” Frankie added.

Frankie also thanked KINDRED for their work and industry contributions.

“[There] is nobody on this earth [I] trust more in music than @kindredism. [These] are my brothers, my at-times therapists, my personal heroes. [They’re] admired by so many not only for their immense talent, but for their unlimited kindness and integrity in an industry brutal to even the best,” she said.

Before ending her post, Frankie gave a message to Sharon. “[You] have earned your rest, mama ko.”

"Thank you for loving my friends without condition and thank you for singing my best effort at writing in your voice," she added. "[I] can’t believe you’re my best friend!! and you’re so bery gorjus malagu in dish bidiyo!”

Sharon was also featured in a music video. Titled “Lambing Ng Megastar,” the six-minute music video presents KINDRED’s previously released track “Lambing” with rapper Kiyo.

In the '80s-inspired short, drag queen Viñas DeLuxe dons a Darna outfit, based on one of Sharon’s iconic roles.

KINDRED members start the video in their school uniforms watching Viñas on TV, before they get transported into her world and wearing costumes of their own. When the KINDRED members and Viñas fly away, the music video for “Megastar (Interlude)” begins.

Sharon sings the song on “The Megastar Show,” dressed in a ballgown, with KINDRED as backing her up.

Sharon has a reunion concert with ex-husband Gabby Concepcion in October, titled Dear Heart. She also stars in “A Mother and Son’s Story” with Alden Richards.

Frankie has also released music under her nickname kakie, such as “tyl,” “battlescars,” and “afterparty.”

Meanwhile, KINDRED is redefining the concept of boybands and is composed of OPM artists, nouvul, Cavill, VINCED, Slomo Says, Punzi, dot.jaime, Fern. and Pikunin. Aside from “Lambing,” their songs include “Switch On U!” and “SAY I LOVE.”




—Nika Roque/JCB, GMA Integrated News