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A busy girl's guide to looking stylish this rainy season

The rainy season may make us want to dress down a bit — hassle mabasa! — but the weather should not be an excuse to sacrifice style over comfort.

In an interview with fashion blogger and entrepreneur Kryz Uy at the Bloggers United presented by Carousell at the World Trade Center in Pasay City, she gave us pointers on how to keep your style in check even while staying comfortable.

1. Keep your first layer simple but put on a trendy jacket 

If you're too busy to think about what outfit to wear, just grab your simplest round neck shirt, put on your comfy jeans, but improve your whole look with a trendy jacket.

"My go-to is throwing out a basic t-shirt round neck — it's super in right now — and then mom jeans and a blazer. For me, trendy jackets [would be] kimonos na hanggang tuhod, pero basic lang 'yung inside so no matter what you wear, you look put together kasi 'yung outer layer mo is on trend. Puwedeng bomber jacket, puwedeng vest, but keep your first layer basic," Kryz told GMA News Online.


Kryz advises looking for raincoats in trendy colors such as khaki and olive green and pairing it with floral prints will instantly upgrade your style.

"I just throw on a jacket. There are a lot of cute raincoats out there, like khaki colored or olive green, that you can wear over floral prints, it looks really cute, parang there's a balance between feminine and masculine. Stuff like that," Kryz said.

2. Look for stylish rain boots and waterproof foot wear

One way to keep your feet dry from the drizzle is to wear rain boots. Says Kryz, keep an eye out for ankle rain boots!

"I don't really like how they look, but there are certain rain boots that are low lang, those I can deal with, you can tuck in your skinny black jeans. Think, skinny black rain boots that are ankle length, I think those are okay," Kryz said.


Apart from rain boots, look for waterproof ballet flats and slippers. "There are a lot of shoes that repel water, like  Terra and Agua. Ang daming flats, like Melissa," Kryz added.

3. Bring out your muted tone ensembles

Style varies from one person to another, but says Kryz, muted colors can make you look cozy and comfortable.


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"Personally, I would avoid like neon [because] it doesn't go with rainy season. When it's raining I always tend to look like more cozy, like burgundy or muted tones," she said.

4. Keep your summer clothes inside your closets 

Even if you love that summer dress so much, put it under your closet so you can avoid wasting time, rummaging through your clothes. 

"For me practicality before anything else. I mean like I like to dress for the weather so when it's raining, I'll cover up but still find a way to look stylish. 'Wag na nating pilitin 'yong summer dress sa rainy season," she advised.



Back home! What's good, Cebu? ????????

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5. Don't forget your skin!

Humid weather can leave your skin dry. One beauty secret Kryz revealed? Use essential oils. It will keep your skin fresh and hydrated.

"Wet wipes, because when your shoes get wet, you wipe the dumi out, oil control, let's say essential oils because the weather is super humid, so if you want to keep your skin hydrated and fresh or your hair from getting frizzy you just put essential oil, coconut oil," she generously shared. — LA, GMA News

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