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15 of the most fashionable pieces from Heart Evangelista's clothing line collaboration

Kapuso fashion darling Heart Evangelista finally launched "Love Marie for Kamiseta", her most awaited clothing line collaboration on Wednesday at the Manila House Private Members Club.

"I wanted to reintroduce myself, I wanted people to know me and with my paintings it's like my diary and people reading my diary without my words, what I went through at that certain time and so I wanted to reintroduce myself as me in real life and not me as what they see on TV," Heart said at the event.

Heart turned her paintings from 2014 into wearable art, "My collection has really been like hard work since 2014. I've been working with all of those painting for a long time, so it's nice to see them all printed in dresses and everything."

Aside from her paintings, the designs also reflect on Heart's timelessly chic and elegant style with playful mixes of prints, plains and accessories.

One of the dresses she designed which she wore during the exclusive launch was inspired by her close friend Alessandra de Rossi.

"What I'm wearing, the painting is actually inspired by Alessandra de Rossi, because she loves mermaids so I made that painting because I was inspired by her love for mermaids," Heart revealed.

"The painting is called Alessandra, and we came out on what kind of dresses we want we wanted very colorful dresses and  that's very me and I'm sure a lot of people can relate to colors," she added.



When asked if other paintings on her dresses were also inspired by other people, she said, "It would be more on like life in the ups and downs."

"What inspires me to paint is life, my emotions, through my paintings I want people to understand that life isn't always happy but you should be always hopeful that's why I use bright colours in my paintings, that's what I want people to feel about me and when they see my art."

Some of Heart's favorites in her own collection are all her painted pieces, "the pleated dress, the pleated skirt, there's also a black and white dress it's muted colors, I love that," Heart shared. — LA, GMA News

The LM for Kamiseta collection is available online and in stores nationwide.