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Rabiya Mateo's Furne One gown was inspired by the 'radiance of the Philippine sun'

There was no doubt that Rabiya Mateo was a radiant vision in yellow as she glided across the international stage during the 69th Miss Universe preliminary competition on Saturday.

It turns out that Dubai-based Filipino designer Furne One was the genius behind the gorgeous evening gown, and that he took inspiration from the "radiance of the Philippine sun."

Furne shared a closer look of the one-sided neckline tulle gown on Instagram and shared the details of the masterpiece, pointing out the "Citrine Swarovski crystals on the bodice" and the "dramatic and fitted silhouette."




"The cape added royalty to the gown, and its beadwork was inspired by the radiance of the Philippine sun which symbolizes positivity and optimism. A hope for a new tomorrow, a world with endless beauty and happiness," he wrote.

In the photo, a short description says that the sun symbolizes "happiness, strength and vitality."

"Even at 93 miles away, it warms, illuminates and energizes us, making us feel our best and our brightest," it said.

Rabiya was every inch the queen as she graced the 69th Miss Universe preliminary evening gown competition on Saturday.


She also dazzled viewers when she strutted down the runway in a yellow two-piece bikini.

Earlier, Rabiya beautifully represented the Philippines during the National Costume Competition as she glided across the international stage wearing a gown with the blue color representing royalty, red for the courage and strength of an independent woman, and yellow for the color of the sun and stars.

The 69th Miss Universe coronation night is set to be held on Monday (Philippine time). —JCB, GMA News