Ramp-up business success in the new normal

Ramp-up business success in the new normal

Add to cart, comment mine, your package is on its way! These are just some of the phrases any Filipino online shopper would know by heart. If you have bought anything from an online store, you would also know that satisfying feeling when a long-awaited package finally arrives at your doorstep. 

E-commerce has become a powerful venue for small businesses to thrive in the new normal. If you’re a seller and you wish to expand your business online, then this is a good opportunity to get creative with your setup. Just remember that customers want their online shopping experience to be fast, convenient, and simple. Some of the trends in e-commerce that are likely to stay even when the pandemic is over are listed below.

Use social media channels to your advantage

From thrift shops to plant stores, you can set up almost any kind of business on popular social media channels. Here you can reach a wider audience, target specific groups, and deliver your own personal touch when you connect with your customers. It is also cheaper to maintain than getting your own website.

Shake things up with livestream selling

People can’t seem to get enough of this new trend. Livestream selling is an online event where customers can make purchases in real-time while the seller is presenting products via a live video stream. It’s a fun, interactive, and entertaining way for people to get to know your business while giving a different online shopping experience.

Say yes to COD and COP

The pandemic has prompted everyone to embrace convenient payment solutions like Cash on Delivery (COD) or Cash on Pickup (COP).  It’s a straightforward and reliable method that both shoppers and sellers greatly appreciate. Paying via COD or COP saves customers from going to payment centers and assures them products they receive are in good condition.

Delivery service is everything

Partnering with a reliable courier service is key to make your online store successful. Customers want to get their items in the shortest time possible at the most affordable shipping cost, while sellers want a partner who can take care of the goods from shipping to delivery.

LBC Express makes it easy for both buyers and sellers to send or receive packages, especially with different options like door-to-door delivery, rider pickups, branch pickups, Cash on Delivery (COD), and Cash on Pickup (COP). Customers get great value for their time and money as they can send big packages of up to 3kg for as low as P160 in NCR or even schedule multiple pickups and deliveries via LBC Online. There are no extra fees for Cash on Delivery or Return to Sender either. Customers can also enjoy even lower rates if they join LBC’s SoShop! Gold Members can ship 3kg packages for as low as P120. Click this link to sign up now with SoShop!

Customers also get the chance to win gadgets and cash prizes of up to P1 million cash until December 2021 by joining LBC Sell it, Move it, Win it! You can join the promo by using the LBC Express Cash on Delivery or LBC Cash on Pickup service anywhere in the Philippines. Each package sent earns you one (1) raffle entry. You can book your deliveries/shipments by visiting any LBC branch or

Join LBC Sell it, Move it, Win it today! Visit for more promo details.

See poster for more details. Per DTI Fair Trade Permit No. FTEB-123795 Series of 2021.

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