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Philippines is the most receptive market for secondhand items in the Southeast Asia - report

Looks like Filipinos are comfortable buying second-hand items!

The Carousell Recommerce Index (2021) has found the Philippines to be the most receptive market to secondhand items in the Greater Southeast Asia region, with 58% of Filipino online consumers most comfortable buying secondhand apparel, while 75% of Filipino merchants choose to sell secondhand apparel.

"This is the highest among all Carousell Group markets," read a press statement about the study, which is a green initiative of the company, highlighting "the importance of sustainability and recommerce in the region."

The report covers findings from four Carousell Group brands (Carousell, Ch? T?t, and OneKyat) across eight markets in Southeast Asia: Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan and Vietnam. It involves more than 3,000 buyers and sellers.

According to the press statement, 92% of consumers in the Philippines "responded that they've bought secondhand items including unused and brand-new items by casual everyday sellers."

When it comes to buying secondhand items meanwhile, 74% of Filipino consumers prefer purchasing preloved items due to the affordable price.

Some 72% of consumers who have never bought a secondhand item said "that having authentication and warranty of products will motivate them to buy secondhand items."

Done "to help address the issue of overconsumption," the Carousell Recommerce Index said consumers in the region have an estimated 102,556 unwanted items at home that could be sold.

"The Philippines is one of the markets that had the most users forecasting 100 unwanted items to sell, and tied with Hong Kong in third place for the highest average items per user at 43 unwanted items," the press release said.

"While most consumers estimated earning between P2,501 to P5,000 for selling their unwanted items, 11% believed they could earn more than P35,0000," it added.

While Women's Fashion held a steady position at the top category for secondhand items being sold on Carousell Philippines, "Men's Fashion and Hobbies & Toys climbed the charts in 2020 in second and third place respectively."

"T-Shirts & Polo Shirts saw the most interest for Men's Fashion, while the demand for Children's Books was the highest in Hobbies & Toys," the press release added.

"The top categories for supply are similar, with secondhand cars breaking out into third place. Listing views for used cars rose by 37% during the pandemic."

Country Marketing Head of Carousell Philippines Ralph Garcia said "Recommerce offers the second-best sustainable option by extending the life cycle of each garment and material, keeping it out of landfills, and replacing the need to produce new items, and limiting consumption." — LA, GMA News