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There's a chocolate spa in Davao and how do we sign up for that chocolate facial?

Chocolate isn't just sweet and delicious, it also has health benefits too.

But did you know? Chocolate is good for your skin as well!

This is what the Malagos Chocolate Spa is banking on as it offers a blissful, relaxing experience with chocolate. 

In a Biyahe ni Drew episode, general manager of Malagos Garden Resort Hermie Tabanag said aside from the antioxidants, chocolate is actually food for the skin.

She said, "If you apply it to your skin it's also good because it has this so called flavanoids and it's also good for the fine lines so walang mga kulubot-kulubot so it's actually food for the skin."

Located within the Malagos Garden Resort in Davao City, the chocolate spa has various offerings including a 45-minute foot and leg massage. The therapist will pour hot chocolate on your legs, which host Drew Arellano says contributes to the relaxing feeling. 

There is also an hour-long chocolate facial that uses crushed cacao nibs, and banana with oatmeal as facial exfoliants. Melted chocolate will then be spread all over your face for a relaxing feeling.

"Pakiramdam ko ngayon 15 years old na ulit ako," Drew joked. "Because it smells good you actually want to lick the sides of your face." 

"It heightens your senses, you feel relaxed afterwards," he added. — Kaela Malig/LA, GMA News