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Dito Tel to build telecom facilities in military camps

Dito Telecommunity Corp., formerly Mislatel Co. Inc., is set to build telecommunications facilities in military camps under a co-location agreement with the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP). 

The memo was signed on Wednesday by the Deputy Chief of Staff for Communications, Electronics, and Information Systems (CEIS), and Dito Tel chief administrative officer Adel Tamano at Camp Aguinaldo, the AFP Public Affairs Office said.

“This partnership gives Mislatel a fair chance to compete with the other networks, given that the AFP also have similar partnerships with Globe and Smart,” AFP Chief of Staff General Benjamin Madrigal Jr. said in a statement.

The memo directs the AFP to identify specific sites for rent where the telco would install and manage telecom facilities without affecting military operations.

Third telco Dito Tel is required to “furnish all equipment, labor, and materials necessary to effect the co-location of its facilities and shoulder all expenses in connection with, or incidental to the co-location, and pay of taxes, permits, licenses, and other charges.”

The telco will pay rent through the CEIS in the form of equipment, upgrades, services, and training equivalent to the monetary value of the lease and subject to inflation.

“Our MOA with other telcos significantly improved the ICT infrastructure of the AFP and we are optimistic that this opportunity will also bring great benefits to the armed forces,” Madrigal noted.

To cover the issue of electronic espionage, Dito Tel guarantees that the telecom facilities would not be used to obtain classified information.

Dito Tel consists of Udenna Corp., its subsidiary Chelsea Logistics and Infrastructure Holdings Corp., and state-owned China Telecom Corp. Ltd. —Joviland Rita/VDS, GMA News