College courses that lead to high-paying jobs

College is a definitive point in the life of students as well as their parents. On the one hand, deciding on which school to apply for is a difficult and important decision for college hopefuls—as they have to consider the environment, professors, and the courses it offers. On the other hand, choosing which program to take is a more momentous decision. There are a lot of factors that may come into play in picking a course, among them, the bankability of the jobs one can have after graduating. This list of college courses that lead to high-paying careers can guide senior high school students to make the decision a little easier. The following salary ranges are from the annual Salary Report generated by internet recruitment website,

Information Technology
Job after graduating: Technical Support (P37,034.00 - P68,723.00)
In JobStreet’s 2017 Salary Report, Junior Executives and Supervisors in IT-related jobs are the highest paid. Most businesses and companies depend on technology a lot, so expertise in the area is always needed. People who go into the field of technical support advise clients how to overcome technical problems or how to improve their company in terms of the technology they are using.

Computer Science
Job after graduating: Quality Analyst (P20,333.00 - P68,723.00)

Products, especially brand new ones, always need to be of the highest quality before it is launched to the market. Quality Analysts are tasked to do that job, as they have an extensive knowledge about what consumers want and need in a product. Jobs in quality control have always been in the lineup of jobs that pay well.

Business Administration
Jobs after graduating: Business Development Officer, Social Media Marketer (P22,371.00 - P40,000.00)

Business management is an essential skill in any career track, as understanding business models and making them work prove to be useful in achieving industry success. Jobs stemming from taking up this course are aplenty—and JobStreet says they are one of the highest paid.

Jobs after graduating: Accountants, Auditors, Financial Services (P27,188.00 - P38,875.00)

According to JobStreet, junior executives and supervisors in financial services are consistently on the list of high paying jobs.  Accountants are a vital part of a company as they help maintain and examine a company’s financial stability.

Mass Communication
Jobs after graduating: Journalist, Content Writer, Corporate Communications Officer (P24,675.00 -P40,708.00)

Mass communication touches on many industries, such as media, public relations, and advertising. You would need good communication skills, analytical thinking, and good rapport to make it in this field—and luckily, these skills can be learned in college. According to JobStreet, jobs in the communications industry are the second best paid ones, as of February 2018.

Political Science
Jobs after graduating: Legal Researcher, Paralegal (P27,355.00 - P48,014.00)

To work in legal affairs does not automatically mean one needs to be a lawyer, as there are jobs in the industry that non-lawyers can apply for. Careers in legal services have been consistent in the top spot of jobs that have good pay.

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