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Ateneo students protest against professors' alleged sexual misconduct

Students of the Ateneo de Manila University (AdMU) on Tuesday staged a protest on campus amid allegations of sexual misconduct by teaching staff that recently went viral on social media.

The protest in front of the Horacio de la Costa Hall, where the accused professors' offices were located, was led by Philosophy instructor Luther Aquino.

“This isn’t just about particular incidents of sexual misconduct; it is about how this university is run because the rot goes all the way to the very top. It goes all the way to the decision-makers who have made it possible that these cases of sexual misconduct could go unpunished for so long,” explained Aquino.

Several allegations of sexual misconduct at the Ateneo recently made the rounds on social media, including a viral post that detailed the student's experience with a tenured professor.

A case was filed against the professor who was suspended by the Ateneo administration for 15 days.

Sanggunian, the Ateneo's student government, said in a Tuesday statement that they would “not rest until justice is served.”



“The systems put in place in institutions like the Ateneo have failed in creating a safe environment for its students and neglected to uphold the very morals that it aims to instill in its constituents,” the statement read.

Allegations of sexual harassment at Ateneo were made in October last year, and the university administration vowed that all reports would be “intensively investigated and heard.” — Julia Mari Ornedo/DVM/NB, GMA News