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Dodot vows raps vs 'slow' Pasig poll execs

Former Pasig Rep. Robert "Dodot" Jaworski Jr on Monday vowed to file charges against city election officials who will cause further delay in the recount of ballots for the local mayoral race. Jaworski, who is protesting his defeat at the last mayoral race, said in Filipino that, "If they don't act on it now, then they will not be able to comply with the instructions of the Commission on Elections (Comelec). We can file charges against them while the Comelec second division can hold them in contempt." "We will file every charge in the book against these Pasig election officers so they will know that they cannot just manipulate the system in the country," he added. He also said seven months since the 2007 midterm elections had passed but the issue on who really won the mayoral race in the city is still hanging. The Comelec in May proclaimed Robert "Bobby" Eusebio as the mayor of Pasig after garnering 116,463 votes, almost 10,000 more votes than his closest rival, Jaworski. Pasig election officer lawyer Anne Gonzales earlier said the scheduled recount ballots was postponed Monday as there was no available venue where they can hold the recount. The recount was supposed to be held at the Pasig City Sports Complex but it is being used as distribution center for the local government's project for poor residents. The questioned ballot boxes are presently stored in a building in front of the sports complex. Jaworski said this is the second time the Pasig election officer asked for the reset of the recount. "We are concerned about the actions of the Pasig election officer who is asking for another extension ... now that the first 20-day period is about to to lapse here they come asking for another extension. So we are beginning to doubt who these things are happening," Jaworski added. Jaworski also asked Eusebio to help him pursue the recount if the latter really is confident that he won the elections. "If they can prove who really won based on what is contained in the ballot boxes, I will accept whatever the Comelec will say. But if the ballot recount shows that I won, then I hope they would accept this outcome too," he added. The Comelec on Friday ordered the recount of ballot boxes. It stemmed from an electoral protest lodged by Jaworski against elected Eusebio immediately after the latter's proclamation after the May 2007 midterm elections. Eusebio replaced his father Vicente as mayor of Pasig City. Jaworski is the son of legendary basketball star Robert Jaworski. - GMANews.TV