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“PSG" (Documentary by Sandra Aguinaldo)

Episode on January 10, 2011 Monday after Saksi!
“PSG" Documentary by Sandra Aguinaldo
Formed and operated by a group of men and women from the police and the military, the Presidential Security Group or PSG is tasked to provide 24-hour close-in protection and comprehensive security services to the President, First Family, their residences and other properties. Keeping the person holding the highest position in the land safe is a Herculean task requiring highly-trained, disciplined and dependable personnel. This is why a member of the PSG goes through intensive trainings ranging from firearms handling, close-in protection tactics, bomb detection and dog-handling to counter-terrorist action and combat assault. But what makes the PSG unique from other security personnel is that they are trained to give their lives to protect their president. They consider themselves the President’s shield. In 1987, then Presidential son Noynoy Aquino was ambushed in Malacaňang by rebel soldiers. The PSG assigned to protect him all perished. Little did they know that the man that they gave their lives for would himself become President. For the first time on Philippine television, Malacaňang opens its doors to reveal secrets of the PSG. Together with host Sandra Aguinaldo, learn the stories of valor and dedication of the men and women who are willing to give up their lives to protect their President. Sandra talks to people involved in covert operations to dig up details of historic events where they played vital roles. Engagement starts on Monday on I-Witness, after Saksi.