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Pinoys dominate int'l math tilt

Students from the Philippines bagged the overall championship in the elementary division of the 2013 Bulgaria International Mathematics Competition (BIMC) in Burgas from June 30 to July 5.
The Philippine students won five gold, seven silver and 10 bronze medals, along with eight merit awards in the individual contests.

"Filipino students achieved another victory in an international math contest. We are very happy with the results," said Dr. Simon Chua, head of the Philippine delegation to Bulgaria and president of the Mathematics Trainers Guild-Philippines (MTG).
Some 593 contestants from 29 countries and territories joined this year's BIMC.
Represented in the tilt were Bangladesh, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Cyprus, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Iran, Japan, Kazakhstan, Korea, Macau, Malaysia, Mexico, Mongolia, Nepal, Netherlands, Nigeria, Philippines, Romania, Russia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, USA, Vietnam and Zimbabwe.
In the team and group divisions, the Philippine contestants bagged five first-place trophies.
RP Elementary Team A was overall champion, prevailing over teams from 28 countries. Vietnam was runner-up while Thailand finished third. The RP Team A included:
  • Jinger Chong of St. Jude Catholic School
  • Shaquille Wyan Que of Grace Christian College
  • Jose Ignacio Locsin of St. John Institute (Bacolod)
  • Luke Matthews Bernardo of Philadelphia High School (Quezon City)
Chong, 12, also achieved a perfect score, the only participant among 293 contestants to do so.
The gold medalists included:
  • Jinger Chong, St. Jude Catholic School
  • Shaquille Wyan Que, Grace Christian College
  • Vicente Raphael Chan, Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
  • Clyde Wesley Ang, Chiang Kai Shek College
  • Farrell Eldrian Wu, MGC New Life Christian Academy in Taguig
The silver medalists were:
  • Jose Ignacio Locsin, St. John Institute (Bacolod)
  • Stefan Marcus Ang Ong, St. Jude Catholic School
  • Steven John Wang, UNO High School
  • Tiffany Mae Ong, Immaculate Conception Academy
  • John Thomas Chuatak, St. Stephen's High School
  • Shawan Gabriel Cabanes, Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
  • Sedrick Scott Keh, Xavier School
Those who earned bronze medals included:
  • Luke Matthews Bernardo, Philadelphia High School in Quezon City
  • Adam Christopher Chan, Grace Christian College
  • Ryan Mark Shao, Xavier School
  • Eason Wong, Philippine Cultural College
  • Kelsey Lim Tiong Soon, Grace Christian College
  • Kaye Janelle Yao, Grace Christian College
  • Nathanael Joshua Balete, St. Stephen's High School
  • Andrew Lawrence Sy, Xavier School
  • Andrea Jessica Jaba, St. Jude Catholic School
  • John Aries Ceazar Hingan, San Beda College Alabang
Merit awardees included:
  • Gen Mark Tanno, Southville International School
  • Joseph Raymond Fadri, Makati Science High School
  • Andrew Brandon Ong, Chiang Kai Shek College
  • William Joshua King, Bethany Christian School (Cebu City)
  • Anna Nicola Baizas, Philippine Science High School Main
  • Jaymi Mae Ching, Jubilee Christian Academy
  • Alyana Zoie Chua, MGC New Life Christian Academy
  • Christopher Jose Carlos, Ateneo de Manila Grade School
Other awards
The Philippine students also bagged awards in the team and group contests.
In the team and group contests, RP Elementary Team B - Chan, King, Ong and Wang - and RP Elementary Team C - Baizas, Ching, Chua and Ong - won second runner-up in the group divisions.
For its part, RP Elementary Team D - Carlos, Chan, Shao and Wong - won as champion in the group and second runner-up in the team contest.
Meanwhile, RP High School Team A - Ang, Chuatak, Lim Tiong Soon and Yao - won as champion in the team and first runner-up in the group.
RP High School Team B - Balete, Cabanes, Sy and Tanno - won second runner-up in the team.
Team C - composed of Jaba, Keh, Wu and Isabella Mae Tan of St. Jude Catholic School - won first runner-up in the team and group.
Team D - composed of Fadri, Ong, Hingan and Jose Alfonso Ignacio Mirabueno of Philippine Science High School-Southern Mindanao - won first runner-up in the team.
Philippine delegation
The Philippine delegation also included:
  • Dr. Lolita Andrada, director of the Department of Education's Bureau of Secondary Education
  • Dr. Filma Brawner, director of the Science Education Institute of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST-SEI)
  • coaches Arvie Ubarro, Rechilda Villame, Isidro Aguilar, Joseph Wee, Robert Degolacion and Dr. Eduardo dela Cruz Jr., dean of Arellano University's College of Education.
Meanwhile, the contestants' parents thanked the MTG for training their children. — TJD, GMA News