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Divers help pawikan found to have nylon string around neck

Scuba divers on a recreational dive found an endangered green sea turtle (pawikan) with a nylon string around its neck in the waters of Busuanga, Palawan over the weekend.

Omar Linsangan, a dive instructor, said he and some tourists from Hong Kong—Cheuk Fung Keung, Claudia LukLuk, Cheuk wai Keung, and Kai Lung—saw the pawikan having difficulty swimming due to the nylon string.

The group did not hesitate to approach the green sea turtle and help it be free of the nylon string.

At first, the pawikan was trying to break free from them but later on calmed down, allowing them to cut the string and take it off the green sea turtle's neck.

The pawikan quickly swam away as soon as the nylon string was cut.

The foreign tourists were very happy they were able to help the animal. They said the dive was all the more worth it due to the incident. —Report from Peewee Bacuño/KG, GMA News