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Prosthetics company develops bionic hand that can be adjusted using an app

Prosthetic hands have just gotten a major upgrade after a company found a way to adjust them using just an app.

Ordinary prosthesis are adjusted by clinicians and the process takes about a week, but the Nexus Hand created by Covvi can be customized quickly.

It can make different gestures based on the needs of the patient.

"We've tried to build in the AI technology which allows us to connect to the hand anywhere basically in the world and change configuration of the device instantaneously on the fly for the customer," said Simon Pollard, Covvi founder and CEO.

The Nexus Hand is the first ever bionic hand that is controlled using just one device. It works by converting electrical impulses from the muscles of the upper arm to the motors of the hand.

Among those who have tried it is Paralympian swimmer Jessica Smith of Australia.

"All the kids are very excited about it. They think it's amazing that I'm like half human, half robot," she said.

—MGP, GMA News