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Daily walks reduce risk of cardiovascular diseases — PHA

Daily walks reduce risk of cardiovascular diseases — PHA

Taking daily walks helps reduce the risks of developing cardiovascular diseases (CVDs), according to the Philippine Heart Association (PHA). 

In an online forum on Thursday,  PHA Secretary Dr. Walid Amil explained the benefits of walking, describing it as the “best, most sustainable form of exercise as it is accessible to typically anyone, and it costs nothing to do yet reaps bountiful rewards for health."

“One of the best simple exercises to live healthier ang walking. Madali lang gawin araw-araw at wala namang kailangan na equipment or facilities,” Amil said. 

Data from the World Heart Federation showed at least 620 million people are living with CVD globally, accounting for 20.5 million deaths in 2021. 

More than four out of five CVD-related deaths are due to heart attacks and strokes, while one-third of these deaths happen prematurely to people under 70 years old, according to the World Health Organization.

In February, the PHA said ischemic heart disease was still the leading cause of death in the Philippines in 2022.

“We are encouraging people to move. Even just 30 minutes is good, but you want to target even more than that,” said PHA Director III and advocacy chair Dr. Louella Santos.

“As for the 10,000 steps, it is the hope to reach that many. Clinical studies show that as low as 6,000 may reduce CVD risks, but of course, if you can go higher, you will have additional reductions. Don’t limit yourself. The greater the exercise, the greater the risk reduction,” she added. —VBL, GMA Integrated News