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Ellen Page on The Last of Us: The video game 'ripped off my likeness'

It’s been a few weeks since it came out, and Naughty Dog’s “The Last Of Us” has become a certified hit on the Playstation 3. The survival horror game developed and created by the makers of the “Uncharted” series certainly has a lot of positive vibes going for it, but it also has its share of criticism as well, especially with one of the game’s central characters bearing a striking if not passing resemblance to one young and known Hollywood personality.
Those who have played the game will notice that Ellie looks and has more in common with Canadian actress Ellen Page, even though the Inception and Juno star had no involvement whatsoever with the Naughty Dog production. Despite the fact that the studio has taken steps to alter the character’s appearance with a slight redesign, there are supposedly still traces of Page written all over Ellie, and not to say anything of the name sounding awfully similar.

Voiced and motion-captured by actress Ashley Johnson, Ellie is one of the main characters in “The Last Of Us”, which takes place in 2033, two decades after a fungal virus spreads and renders the United States into a post-apocalyptic environment with zombie-type creatures plaguing what was once civilization. 
Despite not starring in the game, a lot of fans and players have mistakenly compared and come under the assumption that Ellen Page plays Ellie in the game. When asked on the matter during an “Ask Me Anything” segment on Reddit, Page was none too pleased, according to PluggedIn and Kotaku, and didn’t sound enthusiastic about her likeness being used. 
“"I guess I should be flattered that they ripped off my likeness, but I am actually acting in a video game called Beyond Two Souls, so it was not appreciated."
Slated for release this October, Beyond: Two Souls is an interactive action-adventure title from Heavy Rain creators Quantic Dream, and features Page co-starring alongside other Hollywood actor and personality Willem Dafoe in a psychological/ spiritual thriller that centers around the topic of what comes after death. 
The Last Of Us, a PS3 Exclusive by Naughty Dog, is currently out in stores worldwide.