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Facebook goes to the Dark World with Marvel: Avengers Alliance

Heads up, Facebook users: the forces of Svartalfheim have arrived, and they’re bringing doom and darkness with them.
As the official tie-in for the newly-released movie Thor: The Dark World, a new “event” for the Facebook game Marvel: Avengers Alliance has gone live—Spec Ops 14: The Dark World. The new Spec Ops spans three Missions, and presents players with 25 brand new in-game tasks that they must complete in order to add the powerful guardian of the Bifrost Bridge, Heimdall, to their roster of playable Marvel heroes.
Spec Ops 14: The Dark World pits players against the forces of Malekith, the malevolent leader of the Dark Elves. Players enlist the aid of the forces of Asgard, led by Thor, Valkyrie, and Sif, and pay a visit to London (the main site of the inter-dimensional disturbances) in order to put a stop to the Dark Elves’ plot to extinguish all light from the universe. Malekith brings with him his fearsome lieutenant Kurse, who serves as the Group Boss for this event. Marvel: Avengers Alliance users must cooperate with other users on their buddy list and tackle Kurse repeatedly on other players’ territories in order to defeat him.
Fans of the charismatic trickster, Loki, will also be pleased to know that he is the special Lockbox character for this event. Players must obtain Mischievous Lockboxes – either as in-game item drops, side task rewards, or Group Boss loot – and reveal 8 unique comic book covers to unlock Loki as a playable character. Both Loki and Heimdall are decked out in their Marvel Cinematic Universe costumes, keeping in line with their appearances in the Marvel movies.
Speaking of costumes, the God of Thunder himself, Thor, gets a new look in the form of his classic comic book duds. Purchasing this alternate costume for Thor using in-game currency unlocks new abilities for the son of Odin.
As with previous Spec Ops missions, Spec Ops 14: The Dark World will be accessible for a limited time only.
Marvel: Avengers Alliance remains one of the Facebook App Center’s top-rated games, with more than 1,000,000 monthly active users. Playdom recently launched Season 2 of the popular Flash-based game, adding improved gameplay mechanics, challenging new missions, character fixes and balances, and more alternate costumes to the game.

— TJD, GMA News