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All-new Amazing Spider-Man to debut in 2014—but is this the real Peter Parker?

Looks like the “Superior Spider-Man” isn’t so superior, after all.
The cover of the newest issue of Marvel Previews (which contains solicitations and teasers of titles from the publisher that will come out in March and April 2014) proudly proclaims the launch of an all-new Amazing Spider-Man title, written by Dan Slott and illustrated by Humberto Ramos.

From Amazing to Superior
The first volume of the Amazing Spider-Man comic book series lasted until issue #700, which was released in December of 2012. In its final story arc entitled “Dying Wish”, longtime Spider-Man foe Otto Octavius (also known as Doctor Octopus) managed to cheat his impending doom, brought about by his failing health due to years of super-powered brawling. Unfortunately, to do it, he secretly swapped minds with his hated nemesis Spider-Man, trapping the real Peter Parker’s consciousness in Octavius’s deteriorating body.
The brain-swapped adversaries squared off in a brutal battle, and while Parker was unsuccessful in trying to get his body back, he was able to impart upon Octavius the lesson that he had striven to live by all his life: “With great power comes great responsibility.”
As Parker (in Octavius’s body) gave in to death’s cold embrace, the reformed Octavius swore that he would surpass the original Spider-Man’s achievements and become a greater hero, calling himself the Superior Spider-Man. Subsequently, the Amazing Spider-Man title was replaced by an all-new title, Superior Spider-Man, which featured the exploits of Octavius pretending to be Parker and applying a more practical, albeit ruthless, approach to crime-fighting.
However, Octavius appears to have overestimated his own abilities by alienating the original’s associates and loved ones (both as Parker and as Spider-Man), making him lose his job as a scientist, and applying the underhanded, super-villainous methods he had been familiar with all his life to his war against crime.
Spectacular timing
While the new cover – which made the rounds on various comic book news sites such as Bleeding Cool, Comic Book Movie, and Comic Book Resources – does not outright state that the new title would star a rightfully-restored Peter Parker, evidence strongly suggests that the pretender may be bowing out to make way for the original very soon.
In the March 2014 solicitations of Marvel Comics, Superior Spider-Man #29 and #30 are advertised as parts of “[o]ne of the most important moments of the ENTIRE Superior Spider-Man Saga[.]” The story arc, entitled “Goblin Nation”, was initially teased in September 2013 as “The End”, which many comic book fans interpreted as the end of Octavius’s exploits as Spider-Man.
Furthermore, with the theatrical release of the Amazing Spider-Man 2 in May, it would certainly be perfect timing for the “Friendly Neighborhood” version of the webslinger to make his triumphant return, despite the fact that he would most likely be returning to an unfamiliar world with his life in shambles.
Interestingly, this does not mark the first time that a major development in the Spider-Man comic books was revealed ahead of its release date. Amazing Spider-Man #698 (where the brain swap happened) and #700 were scanned and leaked online before their scheduled release in comic book shops.
Marvel representatives have yet to respond to inquiries as of press time. — TJD, GMA News